"A: I wish our teachers would give us problems like 'Find something interesting about X' rather than 'Prove X'."

B: Exactly. But teachers are so conservative, they'd be afraid of scaring off the 'grind' type of students who obediently and mechanically do all the homework. The traditional way is to put off all creative aspects until the last part of graduate school. For seventeen or more years, students are taught examsmanship; then after passing enough exams in grad school, they're told to do something original"

- Donald Knuth (from "Surreal Numbers", 1974, Addison-Wesley Publishing)

Research course

I recently wrote a short course on some aspects of movement ecology, including resource selection and (integrated) step selection analysis, which I deliver from time-to-time at research workshops. It has a rather mathematical leaning, which I think is a good thing.


I am course lecturer for the following modules. Module material is available to enrolled students via the MOLE website.

  1. MAS222 Differential Equations (Semester 1)
  2. MAS223 Statistical Inference and Modelling (Semester 2)
  3. MAS316 Mathematical Modelling of Natural Systems (one third of Semester 2).
Previous research-project students
  1. Brett Cash (MMath project): "Averting the zombie apocalype using mathematics"
  2. Kiseok Lim (MSc dissertation): "Who's the Don? Quantifying cricketing greatness" (2017)
  3. Henry Foster (MMath project): "Averting the zombie apocalype using mathematics" (2016-17)
  4. Ugur Kayas (MSc directed reading): "The mathematics behind animal territory formation" (2016)
  5. Rhys Munden (MMath project): "Averting the zombie apocalype using mathematics" (2015-16)
  6. Xinyue Zhang (MSc dissertation): "Inferring animal interactions from movement data" (2016)
  7. Jack Parker (MMath project): "The mathematics behind animal territory formation" (2014-15)
  8. Ashleigh Randall (Undergraduate research project): "Modelling Animal Movement In Complex Environments" (2015)
  9. Isabella Lin (Undergraduate research project): "Detecting intrinsic animal movement strategies when travelling in confined spaces" (2014)